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3.5% Seller Listing

e-Hawaii Realty is a leader in leveraging technology to reduce the cost of buying or selling a home. When you sell a home through e-Hawaii Realty we will only charge you a 3.5% total commission – 1% for our commission plus 2.5% for the buyer commission. For example, you could save up to $12,500 when selling a $500,000 home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 3.5% Seller Listing work?

Let’s use an example to explain how it works. Say you sold your home for $500,000 through a traditional brokerage with a 6% listing. Your broker would end up keeping 3% of the sales price or $15,000. A 3% commission would also be paid to the buyer’s broker so your total commission cost would be $30,000.

Typical Brokerage Seller TransactionIf however you sold the same $500,000 home through e-Hawaii Realty using our 3.5% Seller Listing, e-Hawaii Realty would only charge a 1% seller agent commission and a 2.5% buyer agent commission — a savings of $12,500! Your actual savings will of course vary depending upon the actual sales price and agent commissions but could even be larger on a more expensive property.

Hawaii General Excise Tax is charged on the gross income of the 1% agent commission paid to the State of Hawaii.e-Hawaii Realty 3.5% Seller Listing Seller Transaction

How much will be my savings in comparison to a typical brokerage?

Your actual savings will depend on the actual sales price of your home and agent commissions but you can use the chart below to get an estimate of your potential savings.

Home Value Your Rebate
$200,000 $5,000
$300,000 $7,500
$400,000 $10,000
$500,000 $12,500
$600,000 $15,000
$700,000 $17,500
$800,000 $20,000
$900,000 $22,500
$1,000,000 $25,000
$1,500,000 $37,500
$2,000,000 $50,000
$2,500,000 $62,500
$3,000,000 $75,000
$4,000,000 $100,000
$5,000,000 $125,000

Can I do anything I want with my savings?

YES! The savings are completely yours. Discount your listing price to attract more buyers, add it to the down payment for your new home, invest it, it’s all up to you.

Do I get the same service as from a traditional brokerage?

YES! You receive the same professional service to assist you in pricing, marketing, and selling your home that you would receive from a traditional brokerage. e-Hawaii Realty will review your property with you and help you get it ready to show well and sell quickly, handle the marketing, negotiate the best possible deal for you, and will manage the entire transaction from contract to closing.

Our Seller Total Care Service:

  • Home Consultation and Market Analysis.
  • Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with the maximum allowed number of photographs.
  • Listing on,, Google, Trulia, Yahoo, Zillow and more.
  • Property photographs.
  • Dynamically update and change property listing details including photos.
  • Electronic lock box.
  • Professional yard signs and other accessories.
  • A telephone extension with a recorded message describing the property that buyers can call for additional information.
  • Free weekly open-house ads in MLS and print papers.
  • Manage open houses and showings.
  • Notification of all lead inquires by email.
  • Flyers and postcards mailed to prospective buyers.
  • Preparation of contracts.
  • Arranging of inspections.
  • Negotiations.
  • Opening of escrow.
  • Online escrow tracking and reporting.
  • Ordering of association documentation
  • Handling of all details from contract to closing.

e-Hawaii Realty – Outstanding service. Huge savings.

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